Uniforms: Clothing and Uniforms Essay

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Uniforms in Public Schools

Many students of public schools believe that school uniforms should not be introduced because it is restraining people's freedom of expression and does not create diversity. Arguments between students, school district staff, and parents are diverse. Even though students' individuality is important to express one's self, uniforms should be adopted in some public schools. Most school boards are positive towards making uniforms mandatory. Three proved benefits that will help you decide are: first academic performance is increased, second behavioral issues are reduced, and third is affordability.

First of all, academic performance is increased. Can uniforms really make a difference in a student’s academic performance? Of course, they can. Uniforms create an atmosphere of equality at school. When worn by all students, uniforms reduce the gap between the rich and the poor therefore students focus in their study and not what type of fashion wear their partner is using. Being this one of the main focus in school, study, this is the most important point of accepting a change and use uniforms in public schools.

Second, behavioral issues are reduced. You may be asking how an article of clothing can protect you. It is much more difficult to conceal a weapon in a uniform that it is to conceal it in a traditional baggy pair of jeans. Uniforms eliminate competition. Competition is the one of the reasons of violence as teenagers and younger children are always wanting to be the best looking one at school.

Third is affordability. It is also very cost effective. Parents can outfit their children twice a year, warm and cold weather uniforms, rather than spending hundreds of dollars trying to keep up with expensive, name-brand clothing. Parents would save a lot of money because school uniforms are much less