Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

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Robert Pineda

School uniforms are needed in modern society to avoid problems in schools and in workplace. Uniforms usually consist of any color shirt {example, maroon, navy-blue, or gold shirt} and dress pants. With uniforms gang problems decreased {example; violence, drug distribution, and etc. Uniforms also work in the workplace and school zone it makes productivity skyrockets due to the feeling of professionalism. With uniforms school zones are safer for everyone. With uniforms there’s one thing less to interfere with the learning process. People wouldn’t be late as often cause the uniform is their cloths, there no choice. A school Students attendance improved when they changed their any clothes policy to uniformed policy. Students told their schools that they felt more school unity when they were all wearing school apparel. Schools with uniforms reported lower violence. Less shooting occurred when students were forced to wear uniforms. Less sexual assault on females was reported. With uniforms it’s easier to identify who's an intruders and who's not. With uniforms violence reduced 10 percent in Florida schools. With uniforms low income parents don't have 2 buy multiple outfits for their kids. All uniforms are durable and long lasting. Uniforms are a good alternative.
Most people make the statement saying that uniforms hurt the children’s creativity and this will affect our kids’ ability to express them. But with the uniforms children will be able to express themselves in other ways. Also with uniforms there are multiple upsides. With uniforms children won’t judge each other on clothing and only judge on personality. In an unknown social worker’s words “the wearing of uniforms helps students to realize that a person’s unique gifts and personality traits go deeper than their apparel and aren’t diminished by uniform dress code”. Uniforms help schools watch over the children and helps make sure there are no outsiders. Uniforms help students chose what to wear to school fast and easy in the mornings, when students were given limited options they chose faster than those who had many choices. Uniforms reduce stress levels in the morning caused by the rushing to school to get to school on time. With uniforms the dress code never change from year to year unlike the latest fads and trends which change based on celebrity outfits and media, which change on a seasonal basis. Also the uniforms are unisex and liked by both sexes. The statistics ranged from eighty percent of the female sex actually prefers the dress code. The male and female uniforms create a sense of equality. According to one article a proponent for uniforms found that school officials state, “They have noticed that their students have better self-esteem because without the name brand clothing on display, students are placed on an equal level.”[Self —Esteem and School Unity, Students Rights]. Not everyone is born in