School Uniforms Essay

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Being a high school student in a school where the student body would be influenced by uniforms, I am taking a strong stance on my argument that school uniforms should me mandatory in all schools. School uniforms will enhance the education students are receiving, establish a sense of pride in students for their school, create a comfortable, bully-free, and relaxed learning environment for student and drastically reduce inappropriate clothing choices.

Having school uniforms would allow students to be more because there is no pressure to wear expensive or “cool” clothes in order to fit in or be accepted. Examples of modern day “cool” clothing are Uggs, Goose jackets, and Roots sweat pants. Like a dress code applies to a place of employment, schools should have their own uniform dress code. Everybody would fit in the school, and kids with more money and kids with less money would have no conflict based on clothing choices, as they are all dressed the same. Furthermore, a high school student Mary Vallace says, “I like uniforms because everyone is the same and no one is left out by the way they are dressed”. This quote from a student herself shows the positive effect school uniforms have on students, as they feel they are all part of one world.

Secondly, the use of graphic content such as profanity, sexual content and racist or homophobic slurs on clothing, generally popular amongst teens, would be reduced due to the fact that school uniforms are only an advocate of promoting the school. By having the school’s logo and name on uniforms, it advertises the unity of a school. Also, clothing articles such as low shirts, low pants, short dresses, skirts and shorts that expose more than necessary, that would generally propose an issue, would not be a problem if everybody were to wear school uniforms. Paul Lombardo, Principal of South High school said that “We’re now 100% more consistent with kids with what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable”, says. Inappropriate clothing would be eliminated from school issues because uniforms would be designed to a specific school board standard that is viewed acceptable by all. Having less unsuitable clothing, it would deter distractions and take a load off of the office that has to deal with more important issues.

Lastly, having school uniforms would create a learning environment that is comfortable and helps students focus on