Unit 2 Assignment Essay

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1. 
Where can you locate the grading rubrics for all of your assignments?
You can find the grading rubric for the assignment at the bottom of the page of the assignment itself.

2.  What percent of your overall grade is the final project?
Part 1 is for 18% and part 2 is only 2% for an overall of 20%

3.  Where can you check to see if you have a Canvas email message from your instructor?
By Clicking inbox in the top right corner of the page.

4.  What is the highest grade that you can earn for submitting an assignment late?
No late work is accepted so the highest grade would be a 0.

5. What is the highest grade that you can earn for submitting assignments in other software programs besides Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (2007-2013)?
A score of 0.

6.  Where can you find the topics for the Final Project?
By clicking on Modules, scrolling down to the end of unit 4 and clicking final project topics.

7.  How can you access your grades in Canvas? Provide step by step instructions.
First you have to sign into canvas
Second you would need to select the correct course for which you wanted to see the grades
Third you click grades at the left hand side menu .
Or after signing into canvas you can click Grades at the top of your screen and then click the course for which grades you want to view.

8.  How do you access and read the course announcements? Please provide step by step instructions.
Sign in to canvas, use the courses drop down to select which