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In this part of the assignment I am going to explain the competitive pressure on selected, contrasting business organisations to develop their use of e-business. Also I will explain how two selected, contrasting business organisations have responded to competitive pressure to develop their use of e-business. At the end I have to evaluate how successful a selected business organisation has been in preparing for the growing use of e-business.

It provides free information to anybody who wishes to seek information about drugs or anybody who would like advice.
About the Businesses
Go Compare is a comparison website which compares the prices and features of insurance providers. They cover car insurance, pet insurance, home
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Online promotions are becoming a thing of the future and are increasing at an extremely fast rate. This is because they can reach potential customers on a global scale, they are inexpensive and they can also increase future sales with recommendations.
Customer Service
For online businesses the customer service is the only way to connect with your shoppers. It is very important to get right as it could mean losing customers. As it is a virtual shopping experience it is important to make your customers feel noticed. ASOS and GO Compare do this by writing 'welcome back' when a customer logs in.

they also offer excellent customer service online by keeping their customer up-to-date with latest deals or items. They also keep you up to date with delivery of your purchase, product/service descriptions, FAQ's and contact us pages. These are in place to ensure the customer has an easy shopping experience and trying to meet the needs of all customers.
Public Relations
Providing Information
Public relations are about sending the public a good message about your business. A businesses own website is a good place to publish P.R as it in inexpensive, it has a wide coverage and anybody that accesses the site can see it.

On ASOS's website they contain information about:
Upcoming fashion events
Ethical Trade
Promoting a healthy body image
Sustainable fashion

These are all things that