Unit 6 Essay

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Feeding the World
1. Not consuming enough of each of the nutrients that are needed by the human body.
This includes not being able to eat at all and relying on one source of food. Amino acid deficiency can result from such a limited diet.
2. Plants are more efficient to grow and is one of the reason why diets around the world are largely based on plants. However, meat from animals generally provides more nutrients per gram than most food from plants.
3. Food is not divided equally, and malnutrition is largely the result of poverty. Even if the
United States, many poor people suffer from malnutrition. Wars and political strife can also lead to malnutrition because they interrupt transportation systems. Droughts are more likely to cause famine in places where most food is grown locally. If a drought occurs, there may be no seed to plant crops the following years. After a long drought, the soil may be less able to support the production of food crops.
4. The Green Revolution increased crop yields resulted from the use of new crop varieties and the application of modern agriculture techniques. Most new varieties of grain produce large yields only if they receive large amounts of water, fertilizer, and pesticides. In addition, the machinery, irrigation, and chemicals required by new crop varieties can degrade the soil if they are not used properly. Crops and Soil
1. Any organism that occurs where it is not wanted or that occurs in large enough numbers to