Essay about United States and Revolutions Pancho Villa

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SPAN 2120
Format: all in English, T / F questions, Identification, Multiple choice, and essays
Content to be tested: Unidades 8, 11, Textbook readings, Comprensión sections, Class notes, and films. REVIEW
The following list was compiled from the Textbook, Class notes, and the Video Handouts. Slight changes may be made according to what is covered during the last week of class.

Unidad 8
Coups d’etat (Golpe de estado - Auto golpe de estado)
Coups and revolutions in Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua)
Changes made after revolutions
Pancho Villa
Emiliano Zapata
PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional de México)
Movimiento 26 de julio
Ernesto “Che” Guevara
ETA (Spain)
Basque Country
Dictatorship under Francisco Franco
Gesto por la paz
Shining Path
Zapatista uprising

Unidad 11
Common histories of US & Latin American countries
Cuban Independence
Simón Bolívar & “El Coloso del Norte”
US policies and actions in Latin America
Monroe Doctrine
Theodore Roosevelt’s Corollary to Monroe Doctrine
Taft’s Dollar Diplomacy
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy
John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress
Panama Canal (history & motivation for construction)
US-Latin American relations during WWII & Cold War
Rio Pact (1947)
Organization of American States (Organización de Estados Americanos OEA)
Central American conflicts and US policy & actions
US position in the Falklands War & dilemma

Living conditions after the coup.
Dress code for women.
What did they see in Viña (del Mar)?