United States Declaration of Independence and Pennsylvania Essays

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By: Tyler Bilskie

Pennsylvania is it’s own state in it’s own way. Pennsylvania was first discovered December 12, 1787 by William Penn. The capital is Harrisburg. Their nickname is Keystone state because the Declaration of Independence was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The state flower is the Mountain Laurel and the state bird is the Ruffed Grouse.

Pennsylvania is a small but very populous state. The state population is at an amazing 12,281,054 people! Some of their largest cities are Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Pennsylvania has an area of 44,817 sq. miles. Compared to Iowa, Iowa has 11,052 more sq. miles than Pennsylvania but, Pennsylvania has 9,354,721 more people than Iowa.

Pennsylvania has some of the coolest land formations. The Appalachian Mountains produce the most coal in the U.S. Plus there has been discoveries of natural gas in the Appalachian Mountains.The Appalachian mountains are some of the oldest mountains The Delaware River in Pennsylvania. The Delaware River is what attracted pioneers here. But, there has been 4 oil spills.

There are many fun festivals in Pennsylvania. There are many make and take crafts and free chocolate tastings at the Pennsylvania Chocolate Lottery Festival. The Musikfest a very famous musical festival. The Musikfest is a music festival with more than 1,000 musical shows. It is one of the largest music festivals in the U.S.

Some of the most historical people came from Pennsylvania. Person #1: Ben Franklin. People say that Ben Franklin flew a kite during a thunderstorm but actually his assistant was the one who flew the kite while Ben hid in a shed. Ben also made the first insurance company in America. Person #2: Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Chamberlain of the NBA once scored 100 points in one game. He was elected in the Hall of Fame in 1987.