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Should Attendance Be Taken in College?

Attendance in college is a very debated subject for every college. Should professors take attendance, or should they just not worry about it? There are pros and cons either way you look at the subject. Most students agree that attendance should not be taken, but most professors think that it should or just don’t care. So lets take a look at both sides of the issue. Lets begin with why professors should take attendance in college. One reason would be that if the professor does take attendance it pressures the student to come to class so their grade won’t drop. Most classes here at the University of North Alabama have a policy where you can only have three unexcused absences per class or your grade drops a letter. This policy makes the students come to class because they are in fear of messing up their GPA. Another reason some professors like to take attendance is because some of them want all their students to be in class because they care about them and want to teach them directly. However, not all professors believe that they should take attendance. If you were to ask any student at any university if they think attendance should be taken, odds are they will say that it shouldn’t. You might ask, “Why would they say that?” The most common answer you would get would be that they have already paid for the class with their money so it should be there choice of going to class or not going to class. I personally believe the same thing. This could also help weed out the people that aren’t suited for college because college isn’t for everyone. The people that truly care about