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In todays modern and technical world movies has great influence on the mindset of the people and it serves as the major purpose of entertainment after hectic schedule. Introduction Various movies ranging from comedy, action, drama, thriller, fiction and non­fiction are released nowadays. Among them my favourite movie is slumdog millionaire which is full of romance and drama. I like this movie because it reveals the message that it hardly makes a difference in which condition we are born the thing the matters is what we want to achieve in our life. Slumdog Millionaire is all about the young guy named Jamal Malik who lost her mother in Mumbai riots and late ron becomes the contestant of a game show who wants to be a millionaire. It was totally surprising for the public that how a street child who had grown in slum area can answer the questions that people who are well qualified and knowledgeable find it difficult to answer them.

In the suspicion of cheating he was taken into demand by the officers at the the end of the show. During the demand he was hanged on the ceiling and beaten several times to say the the truth. After this efforts sergeant was only able to get his name. In the mean time when the officer arrives sergeant informs that he could only get his name. Therefore the officer decided to give the heavy electric shocks by using the car battery and he was questioned that how he cheated on the game show. Jamal becomes unconscious due to several electric shocks and the officers started discussing among themselves How they can give so much powerful shocks to him as he is going to attend the show on next day . In the further conversation among themselves they discussed that he must have cheated because lawyers and doctor had hardly win more than
80.000 rupees . Suddenly , Jamal wakes up and tells them because he knew the answers. He goes back into the past in his childhood days when he and his acquaintances were playing cricket on the airport tarmac . Guards follow them throughout the local streets eventually they got caught by their mother . she dressed them in blue uniform and left them to the school. In the school teacher threw the book on their head name as “ The Three Musketeers “ Which served as an answer for the question in the game show. During the inquiry Officer plays the clip when the jamal was answering the first question for 1000 rupees . That what was the name of superstar who played a lead role in movie zanjeer? . Jamal back to his childhood days using the restroom towards the outskirts of the city on the peak of the hill. A person who is in emergency waiting outside the restroom offers the money to salim to tell his brother to vacant the restroom but the jamal does not vacants it so the customer flits on an expression of anger arrives on the face of salim. On that particular movement the helicopter of the indian celebrity Amitabh Bachan arrives into the village in order to promote his film zanjeer in the mean time salim tries to play the game with jamal . He fixed the chair on the front side of the door so the jamal could not come

out of it but the jamal turns the table towards him. In order to come out jamal jumps into excrement and escapes from it . Due to pureed smell from him he succeeded to get an autograph of Amitabh Bachan. He jumped with joy after getting it. In the police station officer started the next clip in which jamal was supposed to answer the next question for the 4000 rupees . In was about the most popular national phrase of India. Jamal was unaware about it . Therefore, He used his lifeline ask the audience. It was totally surprising for the public and officer to that how he is unaware about such a simple question that even small child can answer to . Jamal replies to the officer is he aware about the the stolen