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Durand i
THESIS: The Fashion Industry uses thin models on the cover of their magazines and on the runways; American women desire to look like these women and it causes women to be more concern about their weight and can be harmful to women, so the fashion industry should be held responsible for promoting thinness. I.
Fashion Industry promotes eating disorders.
A. “Twenty five years ago models weighed 8 percent less than an average
American woman, models now weigh 23 percent less than” (Bennett).
B. Many fashion designers said that they were going to start using more heavier models but their has not been a big improvement.(Bennett) II. Fashion Industry should not be held responsible for eating disorders.
A. “ The fashion industry is not concerned with beauty they just want to sell clothes and in order to achieve this you need to be thin” (Hilton). B. Long term health risk of bulimia and anorexia are tooth decay, gum disease, dehydration, and etc. but are these conditions that powerful and are women so stupid that they can not establish the difference between the fantasy of the runway and the reality of their own bodies.

III. Cultural obession with thinness is harmful
A. “ The cover of every magazine shows a celebrity or model that defines and is defined by a very narrow and relatively precise paradigm of female beauty. She is tall (maybe
5’10’) , slender (about 110 pounds), and her body is meticulously toned.”