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Jennifer Danh
Dr. Julia Panko
English 2010
22 Oct. 2014
Are Video Games Good or Bad For Our Health?
Gamer’s Perspective
Video games are very popular among society today. People nowadays are overwhelmed with reality now and then, and at times find the need to escape to another world. Depending on the video game, one may find that the plot and development of the game is more interesting than life itself and release all of their stress to enjoy the ambiance of the game. A person who plays games can argue that gaming actually requires motor skills many wouldn’t take a double glance at. It requires mental and physical engagement, forcing the mind to automatically problem solve because you are reacting to stimuli. In the gaming world, you are unconsciously planning and strategizing, and with online gaming, you are competing and communicating with other people.
Many people don’t realize that at times, some find it hard to interact with people face to face. The thought of talking to people or making friends chokes up a person and makes them shake with nervousness. However, sometimes people find it easier to talk to people and make friends through online games because you are able to express yourself without showing your face, and this way, it helps the gamer express themselves without actually dealing with face to face confrontation. A lot of people who play games can say that living in a virtual world is their only sanctuary and haven of security, they feel safer this way. Gamers are able to put real life skills into their games and depending on how they use their time and balance life determines how they can make gaming a healthy lifestyle.
Non-Gamer’s Perspective
Although gaming can be beneficial to those who believe it is, others claim that it is a waste of time. Gaming takes so much time out of our days, and there are better ways to put our time to good use. Instead of staying indoors all day pushing buttons on a console one can develop a hobby or finish personal projects. You can save the money you spend on games on things more