Vocab Sentences Essay

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Vocab Sentences

1. The letter was filled with lachrymose because it was a farewell letter from her son since he was going off to college.
2. The boy seemed very laconic while talking about his ex girlfriend.
3. We were almost done with out puzzle when we came upon a lacuna because there were a few pieces missing.
4. As she was walking around the cemetery she noticed the beautiful lapidary around her.
5. The babies were all so loquacious while watching Dora!
6. There was a weird pervert in the corner of the bar that had a lubricity sense to him.
7. All the 5th graders were placed in the literati classes while the infants were in the daycare.
8. My grandma has always been my lodestar because she is so strong and always has a smile on her face.
9. The crowd was in a huge lèse majesté while they were protesting against frozen yogurt.
10. Lisa became very Luddite when she recognized that technology was taking over her daughter’s life.
11. The whole class was very lugubrious when they found out they got a 1 on the AP.
12. Dominique was very Machiavellian when she was campaigning to become the commissioner of elections.
13. At hot cakes they are very magnanimous because they give you a big portion for a cheaper price.
14. The thin piece of wire was so malleable that we were able to shape it as a pretzel.
15. ASB is very matriculate when it comes to who they want to be in the student body.
16. We all had to be super meticulous because Susan was very sensitive when it came to the topic of her lost dog.
17. The principle was very millenarian and applauded the graduating class as they crossed the stage.
18. Bobby became very miscreant when he found