Essay on Washington, d. C. and White House

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INSTRUCTIONS: Open the map of Washington, DC, that you should find at
The map is a pdf file, so when you move your mouse cursor onto the map, you should see a menu pop up near the bottom of the map that includes a printer symbol and a + and - symbol. The map’s size can be increased by clicking on the + symbol on this menu. Then you can use the scroll bars to look at the enlarged map from left to right and from top to bottom.
On this map, please try to locate the following famous landmarks (buildings, monuments, streets and rivers).
1. The Washington Monument - This is the tall obelisk shaped monument that is located near the middle of the green park-like area of Washington that we call the National Mall.
2. The United States Capitol building - This is the very large building at one end of the National Mall in which the two houses of Congress meet.
3. The White House - The White House is located near, but not on the National Mall. The main building that we all know as the White House is a large multi-story house. After the original house was built other buildings were connected to the main building by narrow covered or open hallways. The West Wing of the White House is where the famous Oval Office is.
4. The Lincoln Memorial - This large building contains a seated statue of Abraham Lincoln that is over thirty feet tall. It is located at one end of the National Mall, opposite of the Capitol.
5. The Potomac River - This river flows between part of the state of Virginia and Washington, DC. Buildings or memorials south of the river are in Virginia. The sites on this list that are north of the river are in the District of Columbia. If you took a boat on down the Potomac River, you could see a famous house on the Virginia side of the water. Mt. Vernon, the home and farm of George Washington is located a few miles away. On the grounds of his farm you can see where he is entombed.
6. The United States Supreme Court building - This large building looks small compared to the Capitol building nearby. For the last century, the Supreme Court has met in this building.
7. The Library of Congress - Did you know that Congress has its own library? This large library contains copies of millions of the books that are in print. It has a staff that does research for Congress. It also houses the U.S. Copyright Office.
8. Pennsylvania Avenue - A very famous house (the White House) can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This avenue, like a number of others in Washington is a diagonal street. Most of the street runs from the northwest to the southeast. The part of the street that passes directly in front of the White House runs east and west. This avenue passes the White House and then goes southeast toward the Capitol building.
9. The Pentagon - This very large building houses the main offices of the United States Department of Defense and the U. S. Military – Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Although it is in the Washington, DC area is actually sits on land south of the Potomac River (in Virginia).
10. The Jefferson Memorial - This memorial to our third president, Thomas Jefferson, is south of the National Mall near a body of water called the Tidal Basin. The memorial has a thirty foot tall statue of President Jefferson standing in the center.
11. The Smithsonian Institution - The Smithsonian is a very large museum (actually made up of several museums), and named for an Englishman named Smithson. One of its famous building is known as the Castle. The castle and most of the museums that make up the Institution can be found along the sides of the National Mall. One of the museums focuses on natural history and has exhibits of animals and plants including a real (but stuffed) Bengal Tiger and a full grown (again stuffed) Elephant. Another museum houses air and space items including a…