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Water Polo
Water polo is a team water sport. Form of six field players and a goalkeeper require swimming, trade water motion know as (eggbeater.) this sport was invented in 19870 by willins Wilson born in London in 1844, his parent are acottish, in the chase of crating new type of sports in the water other then swimming in 1870 in London willing creating set of rules for a football in the water (water polo) it took several years to take define form. Water polo consist of seven players six on the field and one in the gold one player in the feel swim with the ball and the other five players in the feel swims tore the other cage to set them self around the opponents goeld and score on them. To play this game you need to learn technique of how to pass the ball where to set yourself how to deal with the defender, lead how to play anticipate and learn all the rules before to be in the game. There are really good team out there special European team were water polo was fun dated. This sport in this days is play in high school, college team clubs and Olympics the pool have to be deep not shallow so players don’t. To play water polo first you have to understen the game the game the gamen consos in having 7 player in each team 6 on the feel and one in the goald same for the othere team before the game starts refery have to check each player there nails to make sure they are not long to use it as a wepen under water and herad the oponenet when the game is a boiut to start each team have to go to there line tha it means go to the gole and line up in a orizontal line form side to site of the pool. When the referi wisol to star the game one player have to get ready to sprint to the ball and take posesion of the ball so one player in each team will be redy to herd the wisol and sprint to the ball to get possession of it, who ever team have position of the ball one player will swim with the ball that player can only contrall the ball with one hand and the ball have to mantein over the water , when it goeas under water the refery will call it as a falut and the other team will take posettion, to score a goal the ball have to complety croos the goald line and onto the goal . the ball cant not be shot inside the 2 meter line it have to be aout side the 2 mitter side to count as a goal. When a playere is faolt in the 5 meter line wich prevent a “probable goal” yhe defency player is charge a penalty AND THE OPPOSING TEAM is awarded a penalty trow. Normally home team wears wihte cop and starts in the left side of the pool, the visiting team wears blue cop and start the game on the right of the pool.
In water polo is need to have a good tecnig and good conditioned to be suceful in this sport is rally important to take care of your shoulders make sure that your shoulders and in a good healthy condition is rally important to work them out properly and using the right equipment most of young people don’t know how to take care of them self they just want to get big and strong without thinking the consequences of injure a lot of them uses heavy weights and the wrong worr outs, first you have to use light wait and a of repetitions to maintain strong and ling muscles, is good to have a good warm up before a game or practice a good war up will help to prevent shoulder injury rally command in water polo players, the purpose of light weight and good war up is to work on individual mobility issues or coma nares associate with shoulder pain injury but also to wake up the nervous system.
Water polo take takes place in 19th century in England this sport is play in all laves from high level to beginners label a lots of good water polo players start from a young age in club teams and after the move one to high school level and if the player is good enough will compete in college level and some of this players will make it professional to represent their country in the Olympics, Europeans make the best water polo players fallow by Americans.