Socialism In Crisis

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Socialism in crisis
I believe that the best economic system to be used in a crisis such as hurricane, tornado, flood, or any other natural disaster is the socialism system. According to www. merriam-webster. com, socialism is “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies” CITATION Mer14 \l 1033 (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Socialism allows for the funds and help of one organization to be able to work towards one set goal. Socialist societies are based on the human needs of the people and since they are controlled by the government, they are the ones responsible for distributing the goods and services, which in turn allows for everyone in need to be assisted. It also allows the people who work there to be more focused on helping the people in need because the government takes care of paying them. This means that they don’t have to worry about who will be paying them for their help, and instead can focus mainly on helping the people that are in need of their full attention. Being from Oklahoma, we are right in the middle of tornado alley. In fact, just recently in May of 2013, Moore, Oklahoma was hit with an EF5 tornado. The aftermath left a devastating toll not only on Moore, but its surrounding cities. People from all over Oklahoma had joined in helping the cleanup and rebuilding of the city. Organizations such as American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity reached out to the citizens, which are two organizations funded and regulated by the government. Major corporations were able to donate through both of these organizations in order to partake in it. It’s with organizations like these that I believe the best system to be the socialist. Everyone was working towards one goal; helping the people of a devastating natural disaster. If it hadn’t been for the government operated organizations and the help and support of many donations from other organizations, the rebuilding of a beloved city would not have been able. Just like with the crisis in Oklahoma, the socialist system was the best way to respond to the Haiti earthquake that occurred in 2010. When disaster hits, the cost of everything goes up; living expenses, food, water, and even gas. The government is able to assist in a better manner because of all the resources they have. Which in turn, they are able to distribute everything evenly to those in need. This allows the socialism system to be able to better respond to the situation, and to have better control to solve the problem in a quick and efficient manner compared to other systems. The socialist system also has a division of labor and quotas that are given to them; therefore making it a big benefit to the organizations. Socialism also focuses on the situation at hand and therefore