what color is your parachute Essay

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This book is not only for the person in search of a job, but also for the person who feels like they might not be following their life’s calling. There is a great chance this book will give you everything you need to figure out where you should take your life. Even after it directs you in the right path, it will inform you exactly how to get there and achieve your goals. The beginning of the book gives you a significant amount of information to hunt for a job. The most effective way to search for a job is to reexamine your career goals, and then your ideal job will become more illuminated. The greatest job will be the one in which you find the most personal value in. As an employee, you want to appreciate and have the desire to work efficiently. This book is totally worth the time to explore and find a little bit more about yourself.
As I was reading this book, Richard Bolles made it more apparent to me that the resume is becoming less important. Well then what is becoming important? Many people will agree that selling yourself to your potential employer and using a portfolio will increase your chances of achieving that job. Bolles also clarifies ways in which you can increase your self-confidence. As a future employee, you have to highlight your abilities and not what you are unable to do. You have to focus on the positive things in your life to obtain your goal.
One of my favorite and most successful chapters in this book is one in which gives you an exercise to