What Is My Cultural Identity

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Cultural Identity
Who am I? What is the meaning of culture? Do I have a culture? Many people question themselves about their own culture identity because they don?t understand the meaning behind it. Culture identity is the feeling of belonging to a group. My cultural identity consist of religion, holidays, and family.
Religion is a big part of my family. It defines me as a person because it?s what makes me the person that my parents raised me to be. Being a catholic has a huge impact as well. From Sunday masses to my religion education class. It makes my belief stronger and my education of catholicism better. By understanding my religion it opens many paths along the way. For example, through church school I have found a brighter side of many things in life and started to really evaluate my life and people who are around me in a day to day basis. Through hardships in my life I can count on my religion to keep me going strong.
Therefore, holidays plays a huge role in my life. Many people believe that holidays, in particular Thanksgiving and Christmas are about food and presents, but what they don?t understand is the value of family and friends joining together and saying thank you to the wonderful things that have come their way. For instance, many people who do celebrate these holidays tend to forget the meaning behind these traditions. In
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I know that throughout all the mistakes that I have made they will always be supportive with my choices and myself as a person. For example, like all normal families, we have our disagreements here and there, but with everything we?ve been through I know that I can count on my family to have my back. Like that old quote from John Ray?s Proverbs ?blood is thicker than water?. This quote means that relationships and loyalties within family are the most cherished and important