What My Family Would Feel Essay

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My imperfections have effects on not only myself but my family as well.When joining the army I told my wife my goals and expectations. If i was chaptered out of the army because i couldn't adapt to army standards my wife who holds me at a very high standard would be disappointed , discouraged and become very worried. Disappointed because she expects alot from me not just at home as a father and husband, but at work as a hard worker and man as well. She expects me to be all that i can be and all that she knows i can be.She motivates me to be more then what people see me as.Discouraged because she'll worry about every decision i make for our family, such as work ,where we will live and money. I fear she won't see me as the man she sees now,someone strong determined and willing to push past my high expectations. No matter the outcome to get us out off money issues she will always remember what I did not achieve . She knows being in the army guarantees our children will always have what they need such as healthcare, a home,and food on the table. I acknowledge she will continue to support me regardless my mistakes (being late) and nonaccomplishments ( ranking up) but it is not acceptable that she'd have to endure such conflict such as losing more time away from me and not having help with our everyday chores. She deserves my best in every thing I do. I promised my best and i realized i have yet to give it . I will make changes in my life to be more then acceptable. She pushes me too keep going, she reminds me to keep my head up when I know I have dropped the ball. I am determined to show her my best.I am reminded not to give up and to take my punishments with a grain of salt, to make up for my mistakes by overcoming all future obstacles that may come in my way. Though life gets hard i known my wife will stand by me thru thick and thin as she always has been. I can be better i will be better because no matter what i do she is always behind me cheering me on because she belives and gives me hope and insperation when i myself have given up. She pushes me to want more she is my wife my best friend my worst enemy but above all my better half and i will not allow Myself to disappoint her anymore i have done wrong in the past and its a struggle everyday to show her i am worthy of her even though i know she loves me i will not stop improving myself to be the perfict friend, husband, and father to my family.
My oldest child who is only two right now would not realize the consequences of my actions, and the struggle i put my family in. I understand one day he will become curious and interested about my time in service. If i had to tell the story of my irresponsible ,and unreliable actions my son might lose respect in every thing I've tried to teach him. It may also encourage him to lead his life in the wrong derection. Knowing i didnt succeed will discourage him to try. He might not feel the need to push past my failure examples. Being a father is setting standards for my son that my father faild to do for me. He didn't set such high qualities for my life, but I intend to set high expectations for my son and his future. I want to be my sons hero. The love of a son for me is life’s greatest blessing. I trust in myself to push and leave in good terms so when the time comes to tell my story he is determined on being and doing more then i will have accomplished. I want him to be proud and even feel honored that i am his father. I want my son to say with his head held high my father served in the army and one day i hope i can influance life as my father did for me.

When the time comes every father with a daughter want to be a strong secure man. Mistakes will be held against me. I need my daughter to see me as the man I can be. My wife explained to me that every girls first love is her father and when looking for a man she holds standards for the man she chooses to marry based on the man her father is . I expect my daughters standards to