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Mercantilism:The power of a country was based on the amount of gold in the treasury. -Colonies were created to increase gold for mother country (England) -Colonies (New England) provided raw materials for the mother country (England) & bought their products.
Britain passed Navigation Acts requiring their colonies to trade only with Britain.
France was expanding in Canada & Central North America. -They traded beaver fur (Pelts) & had friendly relations with the Indians.
The boarder between the English frontier & French territory was not well defined.

A series of wars between England & France carried into their North American Colonies.
Colonies fell into Salutary Neglect. -Navigation Laws & taxes were enforced by Britain.
France & Britain erected forts on the Ohio River. -French had Fort Duquesne. -George Washington had Fort Necessity.
1754, Lt. Colonial George Washington sent to secure Virginia's (England's) claim to the land. -Washington fired shots of French & Indian War.
Colonies called it the French & Indian War but it was part global 7 years war (world war.)

Colonies Unite
Before the French & Indian War the colonies rarely communicated or traded.
Colonies united to fight the French & Indian War.
1754, Albany Congress: colonies organized to win this war. -main purpose was to keep the Iroquois loyal to England.
Albany Congress supported "Colonial home rule" but it failed. -Britain felt this gave the colonies too much independence. -Colonies felt this would give too little independence

The French & Indian War
At 1st Britain was losing the French & Indian War. -Indians went on the warpath. -The war was very costly for the British.
1759, Battle of Quebec: French were defeated & the city surrendered. -France was forced to leave North America. -Canada is still a colony of Britain.
Britain emerged as the dominant power in North America. -Spain received Mississippi