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Which is the better colour, black or white?
Colour is known as the ‘fill’ of objects, environment and even the skin of some people around us. It is defined as a visual sensation differing with wavelengths which results from the light that they may emit or transmit. My question is; ‘which is the better colour out of black or white?’ Black may not be considered a colour while white might and vice versa; however the attractiveness and appeal of these two ‘colours’ to those who perceive it is my main focus. Regardless of which colour is more suitable to a person’s standards; I am answering this question by thoroughly comparing the two different colours and will attempt to reach a conclusion of which is the dominant colour.
First off I will start with the colour black. Black is normally affiliated with feelings of depression which can be reflected through various things such as accessories or clothing. Black can cause powerful feelings of isolation and imply an inconspicuous nature of somebody who is wearing all black so they are not recognised. Black is a pure colour; the opposite of colours filled with vibrancy and passion and contains a much more direct approach. When black is worn, it can be perceived as sophisticated e.g. a person in an all-black suit for work or rebellious e.g. the common teenage punk rock attire. The colour black is known to stimulate an atmosphere of mysteriousness due to the secretive nature of the colour.
Black is the most common colour in sophisticated areas like the work field or formal gatherings, subsequently black is not the most welcome colour in more joyful and casual events. Pure black is an uncommon colour only found in things such as charcoal and not most natural resources; despite how common the colour is in everyday life.
Black is the colour of the extraordinary night sky which is a blanket to the stars and the moon. As black is the colour of darkness it is often associated with grief and mourning, or cold nights.
Black is a common colour seen on cars, clothes, and hair colours in everyday life although it is not preferred by all audiences; it is a necessity for many events and gatherings making it an unavoidable colour.
On to white. White is commonly perceived as an elegant and graceful colour and is associated with feelings of joy and excitement, reflected in various forms like decoration and luxuries. White can stimulate an atmosphere of high class and wealth due to how common white is used as a colour for expensive clothing and luxuries e.g. cars. When white is used for expensive clothing it implies a strong sense of superiority because of the attractiveness of the colour. The colour white is well known for its characteristics as a colour filled with purity even worn as traditional clothes for religious leaders or on a day like a wedding.
White is one of, if not the most common colour for decoration as it is used paint to make houses and rooms look more attractive. It is also the most common colour for plates especially at celebrations making the colour white a significant colour in