Who Am I? Essay

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Charles M. Larsone
Who Am I?

Over the last couple week I have observed and reviewed how and why a person acts a certain way. After seeing others' perspectives, and drawing my own conclusions, it's time for the ultimate analysis--myself. Who am I? And why did I turn out this way? In answering these questions I will be looking at five big factors in personality: Openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. First off, I look at my openness to experience. I find myself to be a very imaginative, unconventional, and adventurous person. This seems to be in relation to my self-efficacy, self-confidence and self-esteem. With my average self efficacy, I know that I will always have the possibility to succeed when trying something new. Knowing this, I can see I have a good level of self-confidence, as I judge myself well. Lastly, my good self-esteem tells me I'm worthy of trying new things, and if I don't succeed, I won't beat myself up for it. Next, I look at my conscientiousness. I feel I have a high level of conscientiousness because I am very organized and am always planning ahead. In correlation to B.F. Skinner's theories of behaviorism, I think this is based on how I was raised. I was always taught to be organized, with my environment as well as my scheduling. When my parents saw this was done correctly I was reinforced with positive things, such as respect and kindness, which led to getting things I wanted. When I was slacking on these things though, I would receive harsh punishments, such as removal of privileges and more responsibilities. All of this lead to me unconsciously feeling a strong need for organization. Extroversion refers to how I act around others. I seem to fall in the middle of this. My public self is usually displayed when I'm around new people or in a professional setting. This side o me is more shy and deliberate. My private self, however, is more outgoing and energetic. Not everything I say is always completely thought out when I'm being my private self, but this is because I'm usually around close friends or family in these situations and I know it wont be a big deal or have any consequences. Now to review my agreeableness. This seems to be very high because I'm friendly, compassionate, and optimistic. My concern for others is