Essay Who Moved My Cheese

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Who Moved My Cheese

There are four characters in the book-two mice Sniff and Scurry and two little people Hem and Haw. My favorite characters are two little mice Sniff and Scurry. After read this story, I found that the two little mice did better than Hem and Haw when they faced with changes. Because Sniff and Scurry were always keeping things simple. On the contrary, the two little people who had complex brains and filled with emotions were always complicating things. That does not mean the mice are smarter than human beings. We are all know that people are intelligent. However, from another angle, people’s over-complicating thoughts and emotions are sometimes obstacles in the way we find our “cheese”. There is a “cheese” in everyone’s heart. We seek for it and want to obtain it because of our belief that it would bring us happiness and pleasantness. Once we get our dream “cheese”, we tend to depend on it, even become its slave. At this time, if we suddenly lose it or someone takes away our “cheese”, we may suffer both physical and psychological harm. Just as the writer said in the book, Sniff and Scurry found cheese somewhere else after discovered there was no cheese at the Cheese Station C. Although they used a simple and low-efficient method. This story told us that we need to prepare ourselves in this changing world. We must not stop there when changes happen. The two mice Sniff who sniffs out change early and Scurry who scurries into action. However, when it comes to the two little people, who denied and resisted change because of their fear. Apparently, most of us are like Hem and Haw who are afraid of starvation and comedown without “cheese” as well as hardship and danger when finding the new “cheese”. I think everyone wants to be Sniff or Scurry who regained cheese after losing. Actually the mice and the little people represent the different parts of ourselves-simple part and complex part. When we deal with changes, maybe the simple way could bring us more conveniences and benefits. No matter which part we choose, we all have something in common which is a path we need to find and could help us succeed in the changing times. I learned a lot from the book Who Moved My Cheese. Studying in the U.S. is a significant change in my life. I transferred from a Chinese university where I have already studied three…