Who Moved My Cheese Essay

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Ricardo Dupree
June 18, 2013
MGMT 220
Who Moved My Cheese Assignment
Life is about change, how you dwell in the change is up to you. Even though the book was based on a removal of cheese, we all have an expectation of a situation and do not prepare for the worst. We each live in a "Maze", a metaphor for the companies or organizations we work with, the communities we live in, the families we love places where we look for the things we want in life, "Cheese". . It may be an enjoyable career, loving relationships, wealth, or spiritual peace of mind. With time and experience, one character eventually succeeds and even prospers from the change in his "Maze". This book, made me realize how complicated the world is and there are doors and opportunities that may look appealing to the eye at a point and time but the focus should be on the goal that you have set for your life. This story will help me with decisions that I will make in the future that may deter me from the finish line that I have set for myself. Life is a test and full of obstacles and if we all go the same way and follow the “leader” than we all will end up with the same results.

Five personal (fun) goals for the next five years 1. To develop a better relationship with God and my family 2. To feel a sense of security within my academic success 3. To read at least 300 books 4. To reach a stage of success 5. To be humble before I reach my purpose in life
Five career (professional) goals for the next five years 1. To graduate from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University 2. To go back to Washington, DC and get a job in the government small and local business sector 3. Understanding the business world as an Accountant 4. Execute every aspect of my work in ways that anticipate, identify and reduce the occurrence of the problems that typically plague my week 5. Address the problems and challenges that occur within my areas of responsibility in an