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WHO I AM I have overcame many challenges in my life already and I am only eighteen years old. The things that I have experienced and have went through, I would not wish on my worst enemy. The way I felt , alone and scared, at such a young age can destroy anyone’s mindset and emotional stability. Statistics say that young children in my situation usually fall in their parents footsteps when they get older or even still at a young age. I didn’t want to be anther statistic, I wanted my life to mean more than that. I chose not to be another statistic and fulfill my goals and become a productive citizen. I am a young woman who has faced many struggles and is still working to overcome them. When I was young, only fourteen years old, my mother left behind my sixteen year old sister, 6 year old brother, and I. We woke two days before Christmas to find a note that read “ I love you all, but I am just not happy hear anymore. Ill be in contact soon”. Them words will forever be implanted in my head. We waiting for weeks on her to call, write a letter, do something to let us know she was alright. There was a deep urge in my heart to go find her and make her come back home. I soon realized I wasn’t going to be able to stay with my sister and brother when C.P.S (child protective services) came and had a visit with us one day. My heart got ripped out, my siblings were all I had left in this enormous world. They told my siblings father that since I wasn’t blood, and he wasn’t married to my mom, he had no jurisdiction to keep me or let me stay there. He was the only dad I knew since I was born, and I lost him too. I was forced to move to Florida from Indiana with my biological father whom I have never met . My siblings had to stay behind with their biological father in Indiana. Getting separated from everyone and everything I ever known is only a piece of what I went through. Its tragic and still hurts to this day to know that the one, my mother, who was always supposed to be there for me actually left. When she left it flipped my whole world upside down in the process. Life in Florida just got worse for me. I found out instantly my biological father didn’t want anything to do with me other than receiving money from my mother in child support and welfare from the government. He is and addict, and still to this day he doesn’t want anything to do with me. His only concern is that of an addict. Where can he get his next dose? Where will he get the money to pay for his next dose? When will he be able to get his next dose? He didnt have any concern about…