Why I Want To Go To America Essay

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The United States is a piece of paper that has become crumpled and distressed throughout time. I, Simon Alexander Bird, need your help to smooth out the wrinkles in that paper, and discover the incredible work of art that has been drawn there all along, hidden from our eyes until now. I would like to discuss the issues of today, like the death penalty, immigration, gender equality, and education and how I am going to make those issues better. Most of the people in these situations are 2nd class citizens, and they need our kindness, help, and support. I strongly believe that if you vote for me, I will carry through and I will make the United States a better, and friendlier place to live for everyone.

A student should never have to decide
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. ., no matter who a person is, or where they are from, they deserve the basic human rights to food and water. Fundamentals of life: food, shelter and water. Immigrants are fleeing their homeland because those needs are not being met or because they are being persecuted. Their country is unsafe in some way by nature or people. Immigrants come to the United States for safety, security and the promise of a better life. I want to show the incoming immigrants that we care about their well-being and that we will lend our hands in any way possible for them to get the essentials of life. This country depends so much on this influx of labor and culture. John F. Kennedy wrote a book called A Nation Of Immigrants in 1958, and that book was all about how people in the colonial times moved to the US. It also showed the importance of immigration in American History. JFK, a great president in my opinion, believed that immigrants deserve a safe place to live. My plan is to show the importance of immigrants in today’s society and pass a law that states that immigrants have the same freedoms ass Americans do today. I plan to provide them with health care, education, housing, and fair wages without these people our country would not be running as smoothly as it