Why People Should Not Be Allowed To Get High School Diplomas

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Although there are several people that agree with the legislature, and there are even more people that think it is a bad idea. Diplomas shouldn’t be required to take a driver’s test. Some students may never be able to get their high school diplomas, so why would the legislature be allowed to pass a law saying that. In everybody’s mind this idea is terrible, certainly because when your child has no diploma, then he or she will never be able to drive. You must certainly have a driver’s license to be legal on the highway. Another reason why some people may disagree with this situation maybe because when a child is held back in a class, makes it to where there is no chance for the child to get their driver’s license for at least another year or so. Getting their driver’s license is a big deal in their teenage life, because when their friends are all driving around town enjoying their life, and your child will be stuck at home because he or she doesn’t have their diploma so they can’t take their driver’s test certainly because the legislature thinks they should have a diploma. …show more content…
It is a good idea because some young parents may think that their child had to do it and the other child should too. Maybe even because they may think that their child could may even be in danger. For some children it is hard, and once again for the other children they have it easy because they followed what the legislature suggested. In conclusion, although there are tons of parents that agree with the idea of this situation is only because their child has had his or her diploma. Diplomas shouldn’t have to be required for a driver’s