Why I Fight Essay

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I decided to fight for marginalized people, and for people who are unable to voice there opinions because it is unacceptable that people have to live in fear or in oppressive situations. Even though I am only 18 years old I am prepared to fight for the basic human rights . In my lifetime I have never understood why people discriminate, or what gives them the right to interfere with someone else's life in such an intimate way. Meaning that a person takes someone else's life in their hands and plays with it. For example by bullying someone to the point that the person does not feel the need to live. I joined the Gay Straight Alliance at my school in grade nine, raising awareness of Homophobia, and of bullying, and planning events such as Take Back The Night, Pink Day, and International Day Against Homophobia. To this day I am still an active member of the GSA, and I even lead meetings during the teacher sanctions because I felt that it was a group that is too important for schools to go without. I started doing work outside of the discrimination and bullying field before joining the GSA. This work began in grade nine after my best friend, Wesley, past away. He was autistic and in memory of him I created a fundraiser for Autism Awareness, working with Wesley's mother and sister, and with a member of Autism Ontario. We raised a lot of money which stayed locally, helping families in Thunder Bay. The summer after grade nine I went to Africa our group went to an Orphanage in