Essay on Windows Network Proposal

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Windows Network Proposal
Travis Allan Parrish
University of Maryland University College

Shiv LLC will greatly benefit from using Windows Server 2012 to manage their network. Windows Server 2012 brings great updates to security and functionality over past editions of Windows. In this proposal, the major areas I will cover are Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, File Services, Remote Services, and WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). These major roles have features that will make Shiv LLC Company’s infrastructure run smoothly.
Active Directory Shiv LLC will have sites across a large geographic location. Because of this, a regional domain model should be used. Domains will be broken down into where users are working. For example,
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Finally, GPO lets admins choose how UAC (User Account Control) is set for workstations. UAC makes sure that a workstation is hardened and malicious software is not allowed to try to run with user credentials, without permission (Grimes). GPO will also be useful for WSUS. Clients can automatically be configured to use the company’s WSUS server for updates. Users should not access to certain features on the machine. Disabling features such as control panel and command line can be helpful. Microsoft has made great progress with the built-in firewall; this can be configured using a GPO policy. For security, disabling the computer from showing the current user logged in can protect against social engineering. In addition, to protect against social engineering, “Do not display last user name” is critical.
The DNS namespace should have public and private facing servers. For the public and customers, the choice is “”. For internal departments of the company or the intranet site, “”. For a secure environment, Active Directory-integrated DNS zones will help. Storing zone data in Active Directory will prove automatic replication, fault tolerance, and distributed administration of DNS data. Zone data replication occurs during Active Directory replication, meaning it will be secured by Kerberos ("DNS Zone Facts").
File Services For file services, data security will be a priority for Shiv LLC. File servers will secure