Woman and Christians Essay

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Ch. 31 and 32
Indians were planning to escape their masters and be on their own. Once they were on their own they lived off pear juice and rain water. On their journey they rain into other Indians who welcomed them. They called themselves Avavares who spoke a different language.
Ch. 33 and 34 People came to Castillo telling them about their headaches and cramps and he offered it to God as each of the men gave up something. The men were cured. The Indians wander in the woods for five days trying to get some prickly pears they at the end of the five days their hunger was no more as they indulged in the pears.
Ch. 35 and 36 Mr. Badthing formally called Mala Cosa was a little man who people feared but was strange. In the dances he would sometimes dress in woman’s clothing, which is very unusual for a man. The Avavares were good to the Indians; they lived life like they were free. They were hunting to fish, which was no luck, but the pears were beginning to ripe again so they will feast on them again.
Ch. 37 and 38 Indians were nice to the Christians. Sharing what food they had with everyone. The Indians were had their own way of life. If the men were to get in a fight they would settle it between themselves. They would leave their wives if they had a disagreement.
Ch. 39,40, and 41 The Aguenes attacked the Quevenes killing five and wounding a lot. They woman drew a white flag and signed a peace treaty. The women were thought to be the cause of the war. On their journey they met over ten new tribes in which they all spoke all different languages. When women hear the shout saying “who wants to drink” they have to stand motionless if not they will be beaten.
Ch. 42, 43, and 44 So of the Indians prepared to leave the tribe and go on their own, women began to follow their league as well. They came to witness new customs that other trbes did when the sick came to them. The Indians were becoming closer and closer to the Christians. They would leave during the day and go find food in the mountains after they would find deer they would bring it back not touching it, just would wait for the Christians to bless it.
Ch. 45, 46, and 47 They perform surgery on a man who had an arrowhead in his shoulder. The surgery was successful but bloody and dangerous. Out of the Indians on their journey they found Indians who were energetic, strong and answered every question people. They named them “cow people” because more cow were killed their than anywhere else.
Ch. 48, 49, and 50 The Opata people had given the Christians them corn, cornmeal, calabashes, beans, and cotton blankets. The Christians thanked God for…