Women and the Law Essay

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Please offer your reflections on the materials we have covered in class, and any conclusions you may have reached about the law’s treatment of issues relevant to women.
In the last fifteen weeks of class we covered a lot about women and the law. The course was divided into eight sections and covered subjects from the meaning of gender to social changes.
The first week of class talked about the meaning of gender and how women were viewed. The role of gender makes a big difference in an individual’s life. A few decades ago, women were considered properties of men; whether the husband or the father, and women were forbidden to do a lot of things, such as going to school, speak in public, wear pants or even smoke. The female gender was considered the lower class of the society in a sense.
The second unit we discussed the theoretical approach of women and the law and we looked into how things began to change for women and how women got to be slowly included in to social changes. This did not come with less battle. Women had to rise up and “demand their rights” as human beings.
The third unit discussed the social conditions of women, and different views that different feminists have concerning the conditions of women.
The fourth unit gives the introduction to law and women and how the law began to be amended for the defense of women on certain issues.
Unit five discussed how cultural belief affected legal decision impacting women’s rights and the tension between equality and paternalism.
Unit six discusses more gender issues and how pregnancy used to cost women their job or their position.
Units seven and eight discuss the equal protection rights, sexual discrimination, pornography and sexual assault on women.
Looking into all these units I believe that laws relevant to women’s acknowledgment and women’s protection have come a long way, but there is still a lot to do. Women are still being degraded in pornographic movies and not fully protected by the law. Sexual discrimination laws are statutory laws, which seem to make sexual harassment or discrimination not a serious crime.
I find it very important that all of that is being taught to women so that women know. Women have to be aware of the on going battle of gender equality. How far women came and how much is left so that they can all unite and fight this noble battle.

Please discuss what role you think pornography plays, if any, in the physical integrity and political empowerment of women, and what, if anything, should be done legally or politically to address it.
Women deal with a lot of issues that affect them at home, at work and in society, but pornography is a serious issue that women deal with because it affects them deeply.
Pornography or porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction. Pornography may use any of a variety of media, ranging from books, magazines, postcards, painting sculpture, films drawing animation sound recording video or video game. In other words pornography can be defined as any material that is sexually explicit.
According to researches, pornography is deeply violative of women’s integrity, because it not only generates crime of violence against women but it also creates bigotry, hostility and aggression. It belittles women and depicts a wrong view of the role of women in society.
Pornography is said to not only threatens women’s physical integrity and safety but also prevents the achievement of their objectives of equality in the workplace, at home and in social activities. Pornography is said to teach men the essential of sexism. Actually the committee against pornography says that pornography teaches boys and men to get sexual excitement form seeing and reading about women being tortured or humiliated. Pornography teaches boys and men to think of women as less than human creatures whose purpose is to provide sexual pleasure to men. In other words, pornography