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To most people, the word worldview is self-defining. A secular meaning could show that it is an intellectual perspective of the world or even the universe. Some even consider it the full contemplation of the world from the perspective of life. It can even be carried over to surmise the concept of our existence from the perception of an individual or even a group. In this report, we will explore its meaning from the vantage point of the Bible, or otherwise, the Christian worldview.
The origin of the Christian worldview is easy to find. “In the beginning,” are the first words written in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis and in fact is the foundation of where the Christian worldview begins. Christians perceive the world from the vantage point of God’s direction. It is the functional root of the believer. From this metaphorical root, Genesis 1:26 sets the stage of how not only the how but the why the Christian worldview is so clear. God gave His believers dominion over his creation.
Christians clearly identify that by having dominion, they were empowered as stewards over His creation. Genesis 1:27-30 clearly explain this. The world was never meant for man to rule, but to maintain and upkeep. The worldview of the believer is a reflection of what God showed Adam. He gave Adam the identity of Himself. Genesis 1:27 is why believers so easily identify themselves as His children. This clearly indicates that to first have your identity as a Christian; you must first believe in Him as your Lord and Savior.
The origin and identity of Christians is easy to calculate. For the secular however, their purpose is dicey. To the believer it is clear: it all starts with, proceeds and ends with God! Acts 13:36a sets this up perfectly. All is to be done by His Will not our own. The Apostle Paul indicated this to the Ephesians in Acts 20:17-27. We were created to live by the whole counsel of God. Be His Reflection and spread His Word to all.
Morality of the believer can easily be described as the “spillover” from their purpose. There are two sources of knowledge that give us the guidelines of a good moral life: reason and revelation. Exodus 20:1-17 gives us the reasoning of why morality is in order for us. They keep us as imperfect creatures in tune to that which is Godly. It paints the picture of how God is Himself. The faults that are in us are not innate in Him. This leads us to revelation. Joshua 1:2-9 explains that we meditate on the Word. By doing this both day and night, we can converse with our Father and seek His understanding. His Voice always is revealing. His Way is always correct and by undertaking these two small steps, we become far more prosperous in our undertakings.
The Bible has mentioned destiny many times. It speaks with a reference to a destiny that people have brought upon themselves. Philippians 3:18-19 is a perfect example of this. Do what is wrong, there is a price. Do what is right, reap the reward. Revelation 20:13c also states this. It should be no surprise that the Bible