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Curriculum into the classroom
Year 2
Unit 3
Assessment task — Written and spoken presentation: Identifying stereotypes
Model response


Assessment booklet

Create and present to an audience of peers an alternative description of a stereotypical character.

What you will do:

1. Choose a stereotypical character from a literary text, for example, Cinderella.

2. List the stereotypical attributes, thoughts and actions that the author has given that character.

3. Create a list of alternative attributes, thoughts and actions for that character.

4. Write an alternative description of the character from the character’s point of view explaining why they are not the stereotypical character the author created.

5. Present your alternative description of a character to an audience of peers. Remember to rehearse your presentation. Speak clearly and vary tone, volume and pace to engage your audience.

Checklist for stereotypical character selection
Use the checklist to help you to select a stereotypical character for the assessment task.

Does the character:

Have looks that are stereotypical for their gender?
e.g. long hair for a girl, short hair for a boy

Wear stereotypical clothing?
e.g. a beautiful dress for a girl/princess, fancy clothes for a prince

Participate in stereotypical activities or games?
e.g. plays with dolls for a girl, plays sport for a boy

Have any stereotypical cultural attributes?
e.g. eats only certain food

If an animal: Have stereotypical attributes for that type of animal?
e.g. big bad wolf, fire-breathing dragon

Assessment task: Written and spoken presentation planning sheet
Text: Fox by Margaret Wild
Character: Fox
Select a time and place where the character’s attributes were evident.
Setting: The desert
What was happening?
Event: When Fox finds Dog and Magpie
Stereotypical qualities
Attributes — appearance and qualities

sharp teeth scary eyes rich red coat sly cunning mean envious jealous lonely full of rage an outsider
He is smarter and faster than Dog.
He wants Dog and Magpie to know what it feels like to be alone.
He doesn’t want Dog and Magpie to have a friendship.
He plots to break up Dog and Magpie’s friendship by tempting Magpie to take a ride on his back.
He tricks Magpie into coming for a run on his back and then leaves her in the desert.

New qualities
Attributes — appearance and qualities