You May Never Be a Person Essay

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You May Never Be A Person
Would you define a stripper as a person? Would you define the single young mom a person? Would define the abusive parents as people? Immanuel Kant believed that anyone or anything that can think rationally is and should be define as a person or human being. Many define a person by their ways and beliefs, skin color and values, religion and actions, an even their expectation on life. A person or human to other scientist is define as one that walks on two legs but is not a bird (using such terms as featherless biped), they are capable of interacting with a social circle and know the acts of responsibilities. Although, people are no longer just justified for these traits anymore, but also by are day to day choices. How do you define a person?
Think about how the Greek views on their people as a person, or the romans view or the Europeans, you may never know if you would be consider a person in their world. The judgment of a person can go on for centuries from physical to mental, from hunger to thirst, from rags to riches, and the popular choice the actions you partake. Leads the mind to wonder do people speculate if disable people, people with abnormalities or people with different traits than our average human, actually a person? It’s very much controversy over men being more normal or more of a person than women, more than plenty women support this concept. Making men the more dominant species so society would quote it, an anything that comes close to expectations just a merge of the men, as the bible states in the first chapters of the story about two humans named Adam and Eve.
Kant says that people treat other people like “means to the end”; meaning that to some people you are just scraps. Now our society will even go as far as to compare people that murder no more than “animals, beast, or scums”. Being in no state of mind unconsciously and immediately shunning them to exceed in our normative environment. Rapist, prostitutes, gang members, and criminals are the majority of what society would say is unworthy of being called human being. There is no doubt that society can sometime be cruel and very irrational, but that comes with freedom of speech and thought. No one can stop your right to think your thoughts or speak them to whomever you please. There are rules and regulations for such things we call our freedoms, but only a person knows how and why these limits are put in place. A person knows their rights and knows how far there right goes, but not in all sides of the world is your rights the same.
It would seem offense to try to define a…