A College Decision Essay

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Richard Johnson
Professor Mark Heiser
English 1100
25 August 2013
A College Decision
My reason for going to college is probably the same as any another student. For me to succeed as my major I would have to go to college, and get different levels of education. As a result of that there are several factors why I decided to go to college. One of the factors is that I wanted a better life for myself, and my family. The second factor is, I didn’t want to be another statistic, and I wanted to be somebody. Furthermore the last factor is, since I was in elementary school I was being drilled about how much college was important; college was all I knew.
Companies don’t take you seriously when you don’t have any other education besides a high school diploma. They tend to give you strange hours, and don’t treat you fairly. Just having a high school diploma will only get you minimum wage. I look at a lot of my friends who aren’t in college and they live from paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes they even wonder if they will have a roof over their head. I mean who wants that life? I didn’t
Many people don’t know the statistics about their race and gender. Being an African American male I am most likely not to finish high school; let alone college. I had the opportunity to go to college to better myself so why not take it. Many also wish they could have the opportunity. Working at a fast food location for the rest of my life is not one of my goals. I didn’t really get that high school experience. My grandfather would steadily get promotions which would cause us to move across the state. So for college I want to