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Nathan Kramer
Vanderheiden Advisory
Senior Service Project Reflection

A day at the Farm…

You haven’t witnessed joyfulness as true and genuine as I did unless you were at Harvest Farm the same day I was there with about 10 special needs kids. The expression on every single face said everything they couldn’t put into words. An unreal happiness was present the entire hour we were at the farm together.
In today’s society, everywhere we turn there are fake people putting up walls to block people out and fake people trying to impress everyone around them. Seeing these 10 kids being genuinely happy, carefree and adventurous really put into perspective how ridiculously off the rails our lifestyle and society has gone. You had to be there to witness the intense wake up call that was caused by the happiness of the kids.
Although my original advisory class was not Mr. Wirtz’s, that is whom I did my senior service project with. I have to say after spending a bunch of time with my fellow peers in the class, they are all one-of-a-kind. It was truly amazing getting to know all of them better and what better way to spend more time with them than a trip to Harvest farm with the incredible special needs kids.
Our trip started off with a bang. As we were waiting for the kids to board their bus, two of them started throwing a fit causing the whole trip to be delayed by an hour. The time we were supposed to be leaving the farm ended up being the time we headed there. When we arrived, we met some of the hired hands that work at the farm. Harvest Farm is a place that guys from halfway houses and rehabilitation centers can come and work for minimum wage to knock off their community service and get back into the swing of life. The first thing we did together with the kids were hanging with the sheep and goats. They ran around chasing them and throwing snowballs at them. They would herd them from one side of the pen, run them through there little sheds and then chase them back and forth across the pen.
After we left the goat pen, we walked all the way to the other side of the farm to the petting zoo part of the farm. They had two 6-month old calves, a litter of pups, a couple baby donkeys and many other farm animals. The kids practically slobbered over the little baby puppies, kissing them and playfully throwing them around. It turns out the 2 calves are show calves, meaning they are taken to competitions and judged on their appearance, ability to do certain tasks and