I Don't Need School Essay

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Like many others, I have incurred a plethora of problematic situations on a frequent basis. Nothing is perfect and as a human being, I am subject to trial and error. Howsoever, it is imperative that I effectively address my problems, because if I don’t, then I could become inundated with confusion, which would ultimately lead to stress. I am not the type of person who can focus under a great deal of pressure because I tend to crack after a while. Everyone is challenged by obstacles in his or her life – serious problems to deal with. Some people are defeated by the obstacles in their lives, while others find ways to overcome them. Everyone has issues, and they think they are the only ones, but they don’t know that they are not alone. An obstacle that I have is school, I hate everyone who goes there, I hate the students, the teachers, the environment and all of the useless homework we have. I have no interest in it because I feel that it will not benefit me, acquiring a diploma means nothing to me. People say that knowledge is power, which I agree with, but in today's society that is not the case. School is forced labor without pay. School isn't about learning, it's about training people to be obedient to those with authority over them. Those in public education lose desire, motivation, and the ability to make decisions for themselves. You've been told what to think, how to think, how long to think about it, and what to do for so long that you become blank. It's all…