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A Chelsea Handler Biography The queen of late night Chelsea Handler was born on February 25, 1975, in Livingston. She moved to Los Angles to become an actress. When Chelsea was working as a waitress she started to do stand- up comedy. She did television work and in 2005 she was on the best sellers list for her books. Chelsea Handler has a show now and it’s a success. Chelsea Handler was the youngest out of six children and sometimes felt like she got lost in the crowd and no one listened to her. She thought that her Mormon mother Sylvia and Jewish father Melvin cared but not enough. Chelsea Handler explained to Los Angles magazine that "I was always quizzing my parents “Do you know where the school is”? Even as a child Chelsea was a very opinionated child. When Chelsea was ten she and her family lost her oldest brother. When he was in Wyoming hiking with his friends he tripped on a root and there was a drop off right next to him and he fell to his death. This motivated her more after high school she moved to Los Angles to become an actress during that time she was a waitress audition after audition no luck for Chelsea. At twenty-one Chelsea handler got arrested for drunk driving. As her punishment she had to go to a special DUI class. When she would stand up and tell her arrest stories the other students would laugh and from this experience she started to do stand-up comedy. Chelsea would have gigs at country clubs. Chelsea Handler amused audiences with her bold and sometimes vulgar acts. She makes herself look like a hard partying women with bad language. Chelsea handler booked a show called “Girls behaving badly”. She also guest stared in My Wife and Kids, The Practice and The Bernie Mac Show. Chelsea’s fist book came out My Horizontal Life: a Collection of One-Night Stands. This book put her on the best sellers list in 2005.In this book she put real life situations that amused her readers. The following year she got her own show called The Chelsea Handler show. In her show Chelsea made fun of celebrities and herself in skits and sketches. Chelsea