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A Minute To Destiny (Camera turns slowly to a sleeping soldier in the trench, then Fade Out)
(Fade in)
(Close up on the sleeping soldier)
(Flashback to a young boy, faces are blurred)
Young boy: Daddy’s back mommy!
(Medium shot of a woman running to the door looking very excited and swinging the door open)
Woman: Welcome back honey! Do you need any help with the luggage?
(MS of man taking his luggage out of the trunk of a black taxi, with grim expressions on his face)
Man: Thanks, I can handle it; in fact I need to tell you something urgent.
(CU on woman’s face as her expression changes from happiness back to grim)
(Cut to the young boy sitting on the couch playing with action figures innocently, he doesn’t have a single clue to what is happening around him)
(Fade in to blackness as gunshots and artillery gradually grow louder and louder)
(Close up to the sleeping man’s face then suddenly the man opens his eyes)
(Cut to man running and tripping on wires while carrying an radio)
(MS of the man as he stops and reaches the other man)
Charlie: Sawyer, here you go, by the way, I was sleeping right on bunk bed next to you, yelling doesn’t really help anyone’s mood right now.
Sawyer: Excuse me (sarcastically) usually when we’re under attack people seem to get more uptight.
Charlie: Well, hurry up; you have less than a minute to call up back up before our base is overrun.
Sawyer: yea yea
(MS on Sawyer)
Sawyer: Hello, this is base Alpha 426, we’re under attack, requesting backup immediately.
Man on radio: Understood, please transport file No. 290 and remaining people to Delta as soon as possible. Over.
(Sawyer turns off radio, and it hangs down from his chest)
(CU on Charlie, looking laid-back and carefree)
(CU on Sawyer, looking rather tensed and nervous)
(MS of Sawyer and Charlie)
Sawyer: Well the automatic cannons will be able to hold them off for a while, and since we’re the only ones here we should get going.
Charlie: Before that, let me use the bathroom first.
(Fade out)
(Fade in on Charlie and Sawyer walking in a trench, it’s still very dark outside, Charlie is barely awake and walking very sluggishly)
Sawyer: We should be there in approximately two minutes.
Charlie: Uh huh.
Sawyer: We can take a break if you want.
Charlie: Uh huh.
Sawyer: Do you need me to give you a wake up slap?
Charlie: Uh huh.
(Sawyer takes a big whack at Charlie’s face)
(MS of Charlie falling to the ground)
Charlie: What in the world did you do that for?
Sawyer: I asked if you wanted a wake up slap.
Charlie: And when did I say yes?!
Sawyer: Approximately thirty seconds ago, and now since you’re awake let’s get to the base quickly.
(LS of now jogging Charlie and Sawyer through the dark trench)
(CU on a metal padlock on an iron door)
(MS of Sawyer and Charlie approaching it and typing in the code)
(Door makes a weird noise and slides open)
(Sawyer and Charlie enters)
(The door slams shut behind them)
Sawyer: Long time no see Commander Dreyfus.
(MS of a middle age looking man looking as stern as ever)
Dreyfus: (grunt) wonderful, now we’re taking refugees, too. Eating my food, drinking my beer, way to kill my mood, not that I was happy to be stuck in this place anyways. (Muttering to himself as he walks off to yell at some other poor souls)
Charlie: (Whispering to Sawyer) What’s his problem?
Sawyer: The man has been stuck on the force for too long, he’s been trying to retire the whole time, the task force won’t let him leave the pitch.
Charlie: How long?
Sawyer: 30 years.
Charlie: Geezer.
Sawyer: Watch your mouth, even though he’s old, he can still whip your behind so fast that you won’t even have the time to call for help before you’re dead.
Dreyfus: (suddenly popping up behind them and interrupting their conversation) You sure got that right.
Charlie: (startled) Personal space here?
Dreyfus: That’s Commander Dreyfus to you sonny, and where’s my