Why I Deserve A Scholarship

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I’m sure many people are qualified for this scholarship. They probably all say how they’ve loved animals ever sense they were young and how this has been there dream ever sense they were little, now I’m going to tell you why I feel like I deserve this scholarship. Yes, ever sense I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be an animal cop and yes this is my dream, but I’ve worked hard for this dream. I love to help animals in need. Some people say that some animals don’t deserve a home but I feel like some people don’t deserve an animal. I have over 300 hours at my local animal shelter and it is just sad on why some animals come into the shelter neglect, abuse, and just the fact they don’t want them anymore. What I’ve learned is people want babies so we are stuck with a lot of older animals at the shelter. Every animal deserves a second chance its just takes one person to save a life and I want to be the one who help them find each other.

I am also an animal foster parent. I take home animals that are either to young to go up for adoption or hurt. Sadly not all the animals make it, I’ve actually brought home two foster kittens a week later one pasted away then a week after that the second one pasted. It’s a risk every time you take home a foster animal because trust me loose one hurts more then anything. I also take animals off the street or from people that just shouldn’t have an animal. Actually this past week I took a kitten that this girl little sister found. They kept him