2014 Outstanding Senior Essay

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2014 Outstanding Senior

High school has definitely changed me in a way of gaining more confidence and

maturity. When I first entered High School I was immature, uninterested, and lazy; I didn’t want to do anything. In fact, I was so dependent on everyone around me, I couldn’t do anything for myself. I was basically a child that took everything lightly. Slowly after freshman year my way of thinking has changed from an immature student to a !!!!!!!!! so that it made me into a better person. The most important thing I have learned that high school is that it taught me that mistakes are made and fixed. High school is the period of time where you make mistakes and learn from them so in the future you are aware of it. I’ve made several mistakes that I regret and that has made me into a more sophisticated and determined person. High school also changes our perspective and view of life. It hands us new opportunities to make the better of ourselves, it has made me a very kind and caring person. The most memorable experience that from this would be when I helped the students in the Autism room.
The most unforgettable moment in my high school career is that i had a chance to get to know the students with special needs. Helping out with the students in the Autism room made me into a more humble and positive person. They’ve taught me how to be playful, how to dance, obtain a great sense of humor and most importantly how to love and care for others. They made a