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Advertisement 1 : Hershey Hershey’s products : Hershey (

Hershey’s which was also known as Hershey Foods Corporation is one of the oldest and largest chocolate manufacturers in the United States advertising Hershey’s Special Dark, which replaced the sweet chocolate bars by Hershey’s in early 1970s. The positioning of Hershey is quite high and the geographical target is global in the chocolate market due to the quality and the standard of their products. Hershey’s adopted a differentiation strategy in its products quality to create a better position in the minds of their consumers and to give it a different look and taste from that of the competitors in the chocolate industry.
Its products are widely available and are enjoyed by many but its market focuses on age targeted market mainly on children and adults including all income groups (Food : Company spotlight : Hershey, 2010) . A research in chocolate consumers showed that adults consume 55% of the chocolate sold therefore by demographics they market their chocolates to adults. Their products are available across sixty countries and has competitive price strategy which makes it available and affordable to all income groups. Its sells its products through wide distribution channels including department stores, retail stores, drug stores, grocery stores and so on.
This particular advertisement focuses on Dark chocolates which provides a greater competitive advantage for the company because according to the studies dark chocolates provide greater health benefits and its consumption has become much more of a trend. The advertisement allows the customers to connect with the products by recognising the pleasure and the health benefits of having Hershey’s special dark chocolate.

Advertisement 2 : Ferrero Rocher

Fereeo chocolates: Ferero Rocher (
Ferrero Rocher provides premium quality chocolates produced by an Italian chocolatier Ferrero which was introduced in 1982. Within few years it became very popular and favourite chocolate treat for many because of its uniqueness. The positioning of Ferrero Rocher is among high and middle income groups because of its classy and premium quality of chocolates. It is available in many countries but it marketing strategy focuses on selling its products mainly in European countries. Ferrero Rocher is considered as a premium chocolate brand with wide targeted group including all age groups and high income groups. However, According to Rocher people from other income groups also buy Ferrero Rocher because it is considered as a perfect present (“Ferrero Rocher’s SWOT analysis” academia, page.1,para.16).
Ferrero Rocher has connected itself with pleasure and with special occasions such as Christmas because it’s sales promotional objectives, its innovative packaging and advertising. The company invests a lot in advertising focusing mainly on traditional ways of advertising its products through media like television and newspapers. This particular advertisement focuses on providing royalty experience because of its golden colour and elegancy which attracts women and children towards it and also makes it a product which can be used as a perfect gift for someone.
Advertisement 3 : Mars

Mars chocolate bars: Mars (
Mars is a global manufacturer of confectionery started in 1911 which provides wide range of products like snickers, 3 musketeers, Milky Way, Maltesers, M&Ms etc. Mars opened mars centre for cocoa science in order to produce better cocoa which would result in better chocolate quality. It has a global positioning and focuses mainly on adults and children and includes all income groups of the society.
Mars products are available across the globe and also became the first chocolate to be taken in space by the astronauts. Mars adopted a low cost strategy to reach its customers and advertised their products as energy