A Creative Problem Solving Process

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A Creative Problem Solving Process
Jesus R Apodaca
Bob Beauford

A Creative Problem Solving Process
I am being promoted to Manager for Plumb-Mechanical in Las Cruces, NM. Seems that Plumb Mech., has been having trouble with many areas in the plumbing and hvac departments. The sales and installation of hvac and plumbing contracts on houses, low morale, passing inspections, and overall quality has gone down. The issue here today is to try and turn all this around and make this job more profitable as it once was. Lack of morale is a big issue to bring into or onto a company this is in need of a major change. Figuring out why plumbing and hvac contracts have not been kept on top of and why we are losing them. Looking into why inspections are not being passed and where, does it start from beginning to end?
Before arriving and introducing myself to the shop in Las Cruces I discussed with the owner about observing what goes on at the job site. It was agreed that that would be a good idea to look around the job sites of houses the company is doing. Observing the things that go on without anyone knowing who I am except for the contractor of the home is. I can observe what employees are doing right, wrong and where to make improvements. After observing different job sites and the crews that were at these job sites many notes were taken. The overall work and morale of the employees were indeed in need of better performance over all. Observing the part where contracts and employees who deal with them and the contractors needed work. It is my observation is that these people have to be more out there talking to contractors and dealing with problems while houses are under contract and not avoiding the situation.

The first step is to introduce myself to the company and let them know that on Monday there will be a mandatory meeting that everyone will have to attend. Once Monday is here it is time to let the employees know that there are going to be changes to keep work and avoid layoffs by losing contracts and unsatisfied contractors. As for the plumbing department the crews that do the rough-ins is that they will do two good rough-ins a day instead of three or four ugly ones. Our goal is to make sure once that rough-in is in the ground that every pipe is in where the wall