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Cindy Perez
10243 Lands End Dr
Houston, TX 77099

January 27,2015

Dr. Linda Northey
Adjunct Professoras
University of Houston-Victoria
3007 N Ben Wilson
Vicotoria, TX 88901

Dear Dr. Northey:

First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to allow me to briefly introduce myself to you as one of your new students in your Spring 2015 English 3430 semester. I am elated to be able to be part of the online class while I continue to work and live my life as a professional and now, a student.

I began working at the early age of sixteen. Managed to maintain a GPA above 3.5 and graduated in the top 15% of my 2004 high school class. Coming from a customer service industry as a creature of habit, customer satisfaction is one of the attributes I seem to practice most. Juggling work and school since the tender age it helped me develop a work ethic that it has attuned me to the urgency of meeting deadlines in order to avoid unnecessary stress, get the work done and get it done right. It also helped paved the way for me enter, learn and understand an industry I never imaged being a part of- the commercial construction industry.

I work for Dynamic Fastener going on 8 years in May. DFS is a manufacture and distributer of metal building fasteners; or better know as screws. We cater to the commercial contractors that erect, engineer and build; commercial, educational, industrial and goverment metal buildings projects. I've learned to distinguish diameters, lengths (inches, feet), threads, head styles and material finishes relating to screws, bolts and concrete anchors. However my knowledge expands beyond fasteners. I am trained and keep current with handheld power tools- electirc or cordless and with OSHA regulations which we help keep our clients up to date with their safety gear by providing harnesses, lanyard, hardhats and safety needs.

I am looking for growth and opportunity in the business world. Currently seeking my Bachelors in Business Administrations concentrating in Accounting. Completed my Associates degree in Arts from Houston Community College on Spring of 2012. I do hope to acquire an accounting position in the future. However my most aspiration is to one day be a successful business owner. I believe in order to be a good business man or in my instance a good business woman; one must know how to manage the finances in order to avoid a financial pitfall. Not only am I working for better financial stability I am also working to set a role model for my 19 month old son, who is needless to say the apple of my eye.

What I hope to acquire from this class is knowledge of how to convey my passion