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An Accident Waiting To Happen Have you ever listened to how many ambulances go by your house or when you are in the car? I never thought that one of those ambulances would be for me. I never really understood what it felt like to be so badly injured until I got a portion of the awful pain that people go through. I was in a small town called Warsaw, Indiana about four years ago; I realized how much pain and the thought of hopelessness that people go through daily. Every year my family and all of our cousins go to my grandparent’s for at least two weeks. My family and I were always the first people to arrive my grandparent’s old house that had so many great memories. My sister and I would sit by the window and watch the cars go by wondering which one was going to pull into the driveway. Finally a car pulled in and my sister and I greeted everyone at the door. All of the cousins ran down stairs to the basement were my grandpa had set up beds for all of us to sleep on. As soon as I got down stairs I yelled. “I want that one over there.” I pointed at the one with the bright pink blanket. I went over to the bed and put my suitcase and pillow down on it. My cousin James and I are the smallest out of the cousins we are also the youngest, so we normally get left out of almost everything. James stated, “Why can’t we do what everyone else is doing?” I sad sadly, “I don’t know maybe they just don’t want little kids around” Davis 2
“How come Blake and Halle get to do things with them?” James whined and then stopped off
Later that night my grandfather came down stairs and told us that the camper was set up in the backyard and we could all sleep in it tonight. We were all so excited, we got all of our stuff and darted up stairs and out to the backyard. Of course, I was the last one to get to the camper, so I walked up into the camper and looked in and saw that there was one more spot left and right when I reached the bed my cousin took it. I sadly walked out of the camper and right away the door shut right behind me. I walked into the house and went straight down to the basement very angry.
The next morning, I woke up and right when I walked up stairs all the cousins came in the backdoor. All they did was just talk about how cool it was to sleep in the camper. Later that evening, Alex, Blake, Grayson, and I decided we would go swimming so we got our swimsuits on and went out into the backyard. I put my feet in and said, “It’s kind of cold, but whatever.” After a couple minutes we all jumped in. We swam around for a while just so we could get used to the temperature of the water. Once we were warm enough we started to play games like categories and we had a ton of races. I always lost the races because I was the smallest and slowest. After a while Blake got out of the pool and quickly ran inside because he was cold. Alex said happily, “You know what we should play, Tag!” I replied with a yes but Grayson said he just wanted to swim. Alex and I got out of the pool, even though we were really cold, and started to chase each other around the pool. I was chasing Alex and then I finally caught up to him and tagged him and He started running after me.
Davis 3
We I saw he was close to catching me I dove into the shallow end of the pool. My head hit the bottom of the pool and I felt my head go all the way back and hit the very top of my back. I got out of the water and I could barely even breathe. I started weasing and I was really dizzy. My mind was completely blank and I could barely concentrate on what had just happened.I remember seeing everyone’s mouth’s moving but I couldn’t hear anything. I finally started to hear my cousin’s voices again. I felt this horrible, aching pain in my neck and head that was so hard to describe. I could her Alex calling for my mom and my grandparents while Grayson was holding up mu head and asking me if I was okay. A few minutes later my mom carried me in to the house and set me down on the