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In society there are choices that determine whether you fit in or stand out. Challenging the status quo is both morally or appropritely right. We are slaves to society. We follow the rules, and god forbid we ask the question why? What is the problem with challenging the staus quo? The problem is the judgement and shame we get for doing so. People act so shocked if you do something that is different. Standing up for your beliefs and what’s right. "We know through painful experience that we are not free." Even when society and the government tell us we are free we know the truth. Reality sinks in and slaps us in the face telling us its a lie. “Everyday they tell us we are a free people, fighting to defend freedom... It is not true that we are free. We are prisioners...” When we speak of freedom we come to the conclusion that it comes with a price. Challenging the status quo is not simple. If you want change or to do the right thing you have to stop following the rules and be the change you seek. The problem with doing that is you are damned if you do damned if you don’t. You can go against society, yet deal with the judgement of others or You could do what society would want you to do, but always regret it. “I was a coward. I went to war.” It was morally and acceptably right to everyone that O’Brien go to a war he didn’t understand or agree with . The regret sinks in when he realizes that it wasnt worth the praise. He should’ve done what he knew was right and go to Canada. “Women have not a word to say in politics” The women who stated that was wrong what Woolf did was morally and acceptably right. She challenged all women telling them to speak up even when it was at a time where women had no rights “Rationality will not save us.” Only we can save ourselves. “You can’t