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Explanatory Synthesis Essay
By: Jake Ohrin Good actors give themselves something physically doable for every scene. Thinking like an actor takes heart, enthusiasm and dedication. Viewing your acting can help you on stage and increase your performance, making your scene more enjoyable and more fun to watch. Having character, acting with others and overcoming goals and obstacles can help you in the long run with your acting and performances. The character is about your partner is always a character; weather you’re a classmate, a friend doesn’t matter. The moment an acting exercise begins you want to exist within the theatrical context and scene play. Throughout the scene/play you are experiencing love, violence and ambition within any drama context. What this article is trying to get to is that you need the ability to see your classmates as characters so u can free all your feelings so you can act vividly and with passion with other people. Once you get the hang of knowing your character could be anything like a classmate, or a student, you want to learn to interact with the “other”. The “other” is about how to act with the other person or actor on stage with you. When your acting you’re not the only one up there on stage, acting is mainly person to person communications. To be successful actors show dynamic personalities with your other on stage. When you’re acting the more you fully contact your acting partner there fully you will be acting and the more the audience will be entertained. There is a saying when you’re acting with the “other” and it is the person you meet in the cafeteria today could be your life companion 20 years from now, you never know. To achieve greatness in your acting you will have to overcome many goals and obstacles along the way. In GOTE there is one fundamental principal in acting and that is that actor must always play towards a goal. A goal you have is called an objective or in other cases you can call it a victory. When your acting you must think like an actor, you want your goal to be hard so you have something to work towards. If the goal was easy then the scene and the performance would be easy and dull making the audience bored. The goal is what you or your character wants making the obstacle the only thing standing in your way of a great performance. To achieve the goal you have set you need to use 2 kinds of tactics which are those that threaten and induce punishment and