Apple Bargaining And Decision Costs For The Business

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potential buyers, it also costs them to make telephone calls to customers while striking sales deals. It also costs the company when negotiations are taking long as the costs of storing the products they are negotiating for will have to be incurred depending on the lengths of negotiations. For the oil industry, most oil products are auctioned through the New York Stock Exchange; products traded here are charged a transaction fee by the institution.

Policing and enforcement costs: It costs companies to draft sales contracts as well as enforce them. It also costs them to comply with government regulations such as environmental laws during product delivery. It also costs them while dealing with fraudsters as well as customers that do bad practice Bargaining and decision costs: Managers spend money travelling and meeting with

Research two of the business’ closest competitors to determine the pricing strategy for each business indicating how knowledge of this information may influence pricing decisions in your business. Provide support for your rationale. Two of the competitors for apple are Samsung and Microsoft.

Recommend a pricing policy for the business you chose. Assess how your pricing policy maximizes profits for the business. Provide support for your rationale.
By calculating growth, Apple has made the most of its profits. Apple charged $599 per phone on the day it was unveiled. Later it plummet the price to spur growth. Finally, it