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Attached to this paper is an ad about a certain dog food brand. It is designed to keep your dog at it’s best health and performance. This ad lists and shows mainly rational reasoning and slight emotional. Now we all want to take the necessary steps to have the best care for our pet. Choosing the right food for your pet can be difficult, but Eukanuba makes it easy! Nearly 100 percent of the time our main concern before buying a new food brand product is the health it brings to the table, or in this case what it brings to our dogs food dish. “No chicken by-product meal” is printed on the right side of the ad. This is printed to let us, the consumer, know that real ingredients are being used to make this product. Real ingredients give real results, and real results are followed by great health. In foresight, that is what we want for our pets, no? “No corn,” is printed just below “no chicken by-product meal.” For those who do not know, corn can be hazardous to a dog’s health if consumed too much over time. Listing there is no corn gives the consumer a feeling of protection for their canine. This feeling is what the creators of the ad want to bring. It increases the chances of buying the product. Using much of the portrait space is a Dalmatian ready to pounce onto a frisbee. The frisbee is colored pink, a lighter shade of red, to emphasize the excitement of the dog. Not only the excitement, but a great deal of energy is being portrayed by the canine too. The dark yellow sand utilizes the sun to bring a sensation of warmth by reflecting the sun’s rays back to the sky. The sunshine reflects on the sand to bring happiness to the day and perfect conditions to go outside and be active. The blue waters in the background bring a sense of a cool, rolling breeze to all guests. It also signifies a placeholder for new memories being born. Besides the health factor that so entices us, reliability is also an important variable before making a purchase. If you buy an unreliable product then your money is wasted, and I know that nobody wants to waste money. Eukanuba has the answer for you. “Premium Eukanuba nutrition so your dog can fuel up, go out and enjoy the thrill of the chase.” They are promising that your dog will stay in it’s best condition at any given time. To break it down to simpler terms; your dog will “...fuel up...” with every meal to give a satisfying boost of energy for the remaining hours of the day, and with that energy your dog can “...enjoy the thrill of the chase” by being active. They used the phrase “thrill of the chase” to symbolize that the dog used in the picture is joyous to be chasing the frisbee. “Fuel awesome” is a phrase they use to recreate the phrase “feel awesome.” This is describing that the brand food is a sort of “fuel” and allows the dog to also “feel awesome” while being energized for the day. The need for this product is in clear view. No one wants their dog to go hungry, but finding what they should feed them to stay healthy is a tough choice. Eukanuba makes a brand that does just what the consumer wants. This indicates that by choosing to buy this product you are promised to have a healthy dog. We all know that it is more than just facts in an ad that get us hooked onto it. Creators of ads place the text in specific places to get the readers attracted to the product in such a way that they are persuaded to buy it. The largely printed title, “Introducing Eukanuba Excel --