Are Girls Mean Essay

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Desiree Medina

Are Girls too Mean to Each Other?

In today’s generation girls handle problems differently than boys do. Boys have no problem being straight up about issues they’re having and know the steps they must take to in order to handle the situation. On the other hand, some girls don’t necessarily “communicate”; rather start spreading rumors which almost every time leads to a physical fight with one another. Summer of 2014 I encountered a few issues with my boyfriend Nicks (he’s my ex now) last girlfriend, Karla. She had many different problems with me and even though I never really got to know her on a personally level she still made the decision to dislike me. During summer Karla would always try to “steal back” Nick by telling him she was going through some problems with herself and her family. Nick wasn’t a bad dude so of course he would listen to her problems and he would give her advice of what she should do, which I had no problem with. It wasn’t until he stopped talking to her because he wanted to make our relationship better, when she started a lot of pointless drama. Karla ultimately ended up wanting to get into a physical fight with me because of the relationship I had with Nick. Which I thought was so out of hand because I had no problem with her. How is someone going to want to fight you, yet can’t have enough courage to be like “hey listen can we talk about something that is bothering me?” She didn’t end up trying to fight me, but instead I reached out to her and I tried to explain to her